Sunday, May 31, 2009

Tilda and Friends

Hi again I made this ATC a few days ago but just now posting, this weeks was to had more than 1 Image and here's my try001 I'm really liking to make these ATC and postcards

thank you for stopping by have a great dayName2Normajean

Sunday Postcard Art

Happy Sunday everyone, my son and his wife got here yesterday from New York and my daughter graduates from high school this afternoon, but I got this postcard done, think its missing something. but here it is. I Really like making these and the ladies over there are great, and you should see there work , its just beautiful!!


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Thursday, May 28, 2009

House Mouse Challenge

Good Morning Everyone, wow its Thursday already, its going to be a busy weekend, my Husbands birthday is tomorrow, my son and his wife will be here Saturday morning from New York and then Sunday My Baby Graduates from High School.

so this weeks challenge over at house mouse was perfect for me, since my husbands birthday is tomorrow and even thou I wanted to add flowers and more to this card, since its a mans card i left it pretty simple, but then a lot of times he says I add to much, but that’s the fun I think, I miss putting flowers on my cards now, there a favorite to add.

so here is my card


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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Sunday postcard Art

Hi Everyone, today I think I will be making some cards, its raining(pouring) and looks like its going to do that all day, guess I can’t complain to much the weather has been great around here

Well I”m trying something totally new to me, I was blog surfing the other day and came across this site Sunday Postcard Art

all I can say is WOW you should look at these ladies work, Just Beautiful, I love doing inchies and ATC’s so when I found this site I was very interested now I just have to practice at it, this one I made, I just had alot of fun doing it, and want to learn more about this craft.


So If you get time go check out this web site its great I think

hope everyone has a great day.



Sunday, May 24, 2009

Inch by Inch

Good Morning, and Happy Sunday so far the weekend has been beautiful here, This week over at the challenge blog inch by inch its about birds funny thing is a few days ago while I was In Joann fabrics I spotted these clear stamps inchie size and this one I got just happen to have birds on it.( and I just wanted to say that I’m sorry to Fiona and the other lady's I signed up for a swap and I just didn't get mine mailed out so I missed the swap, just wanted to say I'm sorry I didn't mean not too, just forgot with all the doctors appt and stuff, But the Next one I will make it up..)  so here are my bird inches


Here is the clear stamp package I bought, and a picture of some bead stuff I'm trying to do, beside card making and rubberstamping I like beading not good at it, but like playing with it too. the top 2 are charm things I want to put on my cards and a bracelet I made

004 002

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Friday, May 22, 2009

Sugar Bowl Challenge

Hi Everyone, boy I couldn't sleep last night so I made this card didn't fall asleep until like 4am, maybe its just thinking about the doctors appointment I have this morning, already sick of going to doctors

Well anyway here is the card I made for the sugar bowl challenge this week its a sketch challenge and need to use pearls, I have these pearl baubles I love these cant remember where I got them but I'm almost out.  Here is the sketch


This is my try, and this weeks winner gets 6 sugar nellie stamps oh oh how I would love that prize


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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Whiff of Joy Challenge

Hi Everyone, its seems like forever since I made a card, my mojo has been gone the past few days, even after getting my whiff of joy summer kit, these’s stamps are beautiful  but then I feel anything Elisabeth Bell designs is beautiful.

this week its a sketch challenge here is the sketch

heathersketch whiff of joy

And here is my try


Thanks for stopping by hopefully I can get some more stuff done today, its going to sunny and 80 here so I just might work outside, after I take our new dog to the vet, we think she might of picked up kennel cough at the animal shelter.


Friday, May 15, 2009

Just Magnolia Challenge

Hi Everyone Here is my try for The Just Magnolia Challenge this week its a sketch challenge I really liked this sketch, but I think I chose the wrong image for the paper I used.   why is it some days you can be happy with a card you make and the next just hate it..

Here is the sketch

Week 5 sketch_thumb

And here is my try, I just might try this sketch again with different paper and image, I really like this sketch so much you can do with it..


and A little update, I went to the neurologist again today to get the results from the Emg well looks like I have carpal tunnel in my wrist pinched nerve in my neck along with herniated cervical spine, and arthritis, since this is a new doctor have to go threw all the stupid steps first lets try meds. even after I told them they don't work, so next Friday I go back again.. I just hate this process, I'm really liking the time off work, but I want to get this fixed so I can go back 100% and do my job, which I really like

thank you for listening to me vent about this I really dont mean to whine

hope everyone is having a good friday!!




Our new dog

Hi everyone just wanted to post a couple pictures of our new dog, they say(animal control shelter) she's about 11months we wanted to get another dog, because we love pets and my husband really should of been called Dr. Doolittle. we need a

and we wanted a friend for our other dog Joey who is fat and bored, they are playing, only problem our little baby (cat) is afraid to death of her but she is getting better she has come out of hiding a lot in the past day. the other cats could care less….LOL

001 004 this is sadie



002 this is joey

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Thursday, May 14, 2009

A Spoon Full of Sugar


Hello, hope everyone is having a good day, I need to get some stuff done today, been pretty lazy this week, right now its pretty windy here , last night wow it poured a lot

I made this card for the spoon full of sugar challenge, buttons galore is the name of the challenge , and I found that frog button in my stash, I worked on this last night, got the card all done, trying figure out something for the inside, turned the card over, I must of had ink on my fingers because there was a big smudge mark on my image part.. I had to take that off and do it all over, I was so bummed, but I actually like this better…lol


and this is the inside,


Thanks for stopping by,


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A New Award

Hi everyone, I received this award from Linda  Check out here blog she makes beautiful cards and am very happy I got to know her.

thanks linda for this awardfrog_005now I would also like to pass it on to a few of my friend



Rach  I don't really know rachel but her work it truly amazing and the most beautiful and it inspires me to keep trying to get better at this craft, thanks rach

Bev  Same with bev, I check her blog everyday, she inspires me the most, her work is so beautiful, and her flowers what can I say but I have bought  a lot of flower and charms just trying to make the beautiful flowers she makes for her cards Thanks Bev

Tilda and Friends ATC Challenge



HI again, Boy got some stuff planted in the garden and made a ATC for the tilda and friends challenge , I have a lot of fun making these ATC, I need to practice some more, some of the ladies make beautiful ATC  so here is mine, hope everyone is enjoying there day.



I used one of my newer sugar nellie stamps.

Thanks for stopping by




Rose’s On Paper Challenge

Well I had a brain fart, I used the wrong type of image, so I guess this will be just a folder


Hi Everyone, I was planning on getting more challenges done this week, Monday went in for a emg test and Friday I go in for results, other than that nothing new around here, but I'm going with major withdraw on buying stamps or supplies, with me out of work for a little while. don't have that extra playing money..

so for this weeks rose’s on paper challenges was a folder card and this is what I came up with, I'm really happy with the inside but the but don't think I really like the bow on the front.


and here is the inside



Hope everyone has a great Wednesday



Friday, May 8, 2009

The Sugar Bowl Challenge

Hi Everyone,Well went to the neurologist today, have to go for another test on Tuesday then back to doctors Friday for results but I'm off work until the 22nd of may so hopefully I can keep up with the challenges. but even cutting paper and coloring will starting hurting my neck and arm, so I'm hoping this doctor can fix this without to much trouble

So On to the challenge , I made this card for the THE SUGAR BOWL This was a sketch challenge, with buttons I really liked this sketch it was fun to do.


This is the card I made


I also did the inside of this card, this is the second time I’ve done the inside this card just said to me do the inside too…lol


its pouring here right now, so I guess that is good reason to make another card huh…OHOH we got another dog today she is so cute, well we get to pick her up monday after she gets fix, we’re going to visit her again tomorrow I will take pictures

thank you for visiting my blog hope everyone has a wonderful Night!!!!



Thursday, May 7, 2009

Tilda and Friends ATC challenge

Hi Everyone, hope everyone is doing good, its nice having some days off, but wish I was feeling better, I cant believe I got a doctors note for one thing, come home bend down to pick something up and threw my back out of whack, It hurts pretty flippen bad, told my kids to just shoot me and put me out of my misery…LOL  getting older really sinks!!

I was able to do this challenge, I love making ATC and inches there fun, this weeks challenge at Tilda and Friends was flowers


Well I think I should try and get something down around this house, or maybe take a nap , one more day then its Friday!!!


Thanks for stopping bye



Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Magnolia Down Under Challenge

Hi Everyone, Thanks for visiting boy what a week so far, Got my MRI results back and not so good, I'm off work until I see the neurologist on Friday, I hated do that but i just can’t take the pain anymore and work really does make it worse. But Now I can make a few cards, but cant do it for long because even coloring can hurt .

Well anyway I’ll stop whining now, I made this card for the magnolia down under challenge This weeks was to make a mothers day card, which was a good thing because I wanted to make a card for my mom.



Stamp image from Linda, M stamp Michaels or Joann’s cant remember but is was just a dollar. papers basic grey and regular plain cardstock , corner punch is EK success, everything else was from stash.

thanks for visiting have a good day!!


Hugs Norma jean

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Magnolia Down Under Challenge



Hi Everyone, Its a really nice day today haven't done anything thou, we went to the zoo because they were having a big animal rescue thing there, and we’ve been thinking about another dog for our dog to have a buddy.  we saw a couple we liked but didn't get one yet, we just want to make sure.

So anyway, last night and this morning I put this card together for the magnolia down under challenge this week it’s SPOT THE DOTS  I really like the magnolia challenge, I love these stamps they are so fun to color.



And for the first time ever  , I tried doing the inside of the card and I really like how it makes the card look I probably will start doing this more its a little plain but I liked how it looked.



Thanks for looking at my card hope everyone has a good afternoon and evening, I feel like taking a nap..