Sunday, February 13, 2011

I Made a Card woo hoo!!

Hi Everyone, Just a Little post . Wow I haven't made anything in awhile, I miss crafting..

I whine a lot about the hours I work, but grateful I have a job, but it really gives me no real free

Time. My weekends are full of doing other things or just being lazy. I had all these plans to make some valentine crafts

but only got a card made today for hubby.. and it’s a very simple one at that.. I didn’t even make my kids stuff.. I'm so bad..

And this week has not been to good, had a bad tooth ache and had to get a root canal done, and it still hurts today.

This is the card I made for hubby.. I tried using more browns but what is a valentine with out a little pink..hehehe


I wish everyone a Happy Valentines Day


Norma Jean