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Hi Everyone, wow its been a long time since I posted anything.. I got to blame it on work..lolMy Craft room has been a total mess for months now. and little by little Im getting it cleanedI want to start crafting more, got so many ideas for mini albums..over christmas my girls and I went to new york to visit my son and daughter-in-law and my sweetGrandbaby she is getting big and she’s so much fun.. I miss her so much and so do my girls they lovebeing auntie’s..I wish I took the before pictures but I forgot.. so these two pictures are after.. first is my paper.. don’t be fooled thouI have a 2 boxes full of scrap paper I still have to go threw.. and then my desk you can see it…lolmy next is the other drawers in my room that have to be cleaned, I’ll take before pictures of thatbut here are the two pictures..and don’t forget to stop by julia’s blog for WOYWWThanks for stopping byeNorma JeanAnd I even labeled my paper for Christmas, Halloween, valentines, girly-baby paper, then misc. and s…