Our new dog

Hi everyone just wanted to post a couple pictures of our new dog, they say(animal control shelter) she's about 11months we wanted to get another dog, because we love pets and my husband really should of been called Dr. Doolittle. we need a farm..lol

and we wanted a friend for our other dog Joey who is fat and bored, they are playing, only problem our little baby (cat) is afraid to death of her but she is getting better she has come out of hiding a lot in the past day. the other cats could care less….LOL

001 004 this is sadie



002 this is joey

thanks you for stopping byName2Normajean


Teri said…
Awww she is beautiful! Hopefully the kitty will adjust quickly and they'll all get on well :)
Bev said…
How wonderful for you all, you have done such a wonderful thing by rescuing a doggie from a shelter, I'm sure the furbies will all settle down soon xx

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