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Craft room Update!!

Hi Everyone! Hope all is good, Well, What started as a Cleaning and Reorganizingof my craft room,because it was a major mess and it was hard working in there, turnedout to be a whole room remodel, My Husband went to Ikea earlier in the week to get thembook cases, and this weekend we went again and ending up going to home depot too,My Husband had some great ideas and he put a lot of hard work into that room  Here are some of the changes we madeThe old nasty floorThe New Floor, its beautifulThe Second Ikea book case, ( I need to fill that baby up..LOL)My Husband working hard , putting together mynew desk..The new Desk and drawers, both from Ikea!!This is the first Ikea bookcase we put together, I really like the whitebaskets.  I still have stuff I Have to put away and organize, into the newstuff, and need to find better way to store the stuff on the shelvesI just got new curtains today and a new desk lamp.we’re not doing anything more right now, maybe In the near future we will repaint …

Craft Room Help needed!!

Hi Everyone , well I took Monday off work , cause I wanted to have a relaxing 3 day weekendInstead by body hurts and I'm so tired. I've spent pretty much all day Saturday and Sunday Trying to Organize my Craft room. And I'm not even done.. Im Happy with My redo of the closet area, but I have a cabinet full of stuffI have no Idea how I want to reorganize that, got Material and a Sewing machine that needs a better space, butsomething that is moveable cause I do not sew a lot.. but I have a habit of collecting Material as well.. I don’t likethe plastic tables anymore I would love something wood with storage underneath.. I got a few pictures to share .Any ideas would be wonderful.. BeforeAfterBeforeAfter Still needs HelpHa! Nothing ChangedI Want to get rid of this Cabinet and get something more user friendly, Its full of Beads, FlowersMy punches, some stamps, and a whole Lot ,of just put it here to hind it stuff…lolThanks for Stopping byhugs Norma Jean

Instagram Tuesday

Hi everyone, thought I would join Kellie this week in Instagram photo’s of the week, I just love this app on my Iphone.. The First 6 pictures are from Instagram the rest from my regular cameraSunday we took a little trip , walked in the woods trying to find morel mushrooms, didn’t have any luck. we took the dogs, we don’t usually cause one gets car sick, but we decide to try again, and good news neither one of themdid and Think they had a blast.. Hopefully my next post will be a few Smash Pages, I did enough shopping this weekend to last a very long time.Hope everyone has a great week!hugs Norma