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Hi Everyone and Happy Wednesday, boy its been a very long time since I posted. well going back to work has killedmy crafting time, I still wish I could just stay home, but work is going good and I am glad to be backI love being a grandma but just hate being so far away it hurts not being able to hold her.I’ve started a scrapbook of my grandbaby I'm having fun making it.. been so long since I've scrapbooked my very first pageslook just awful.. so I'm hoping I got better…lolWell today work desk is a complete total MESS!!!  I’ve got to clean it up someday..lolwell here's the pictureMy friend Callie made my new header, I just love it, so I changed the background to matchnot sure if I'm liking the new background..I like the all white but then the header doesn't lookso good.. oh well hope everyone has a good dayHugs Norma

A Special Thank you

I just wanted to make a post saying thank you to a dear friend, Callie she made me this beautiful Banner, I put a link on my side bar to her blog, if your looking for a new banner PM Callie
thank you for stopping by
Hugs Norma

I’m a Grandma!!!

wow that sounds old!!…LOL but im loving itThursday April 1st my First Born and Only Son had his First baby Girl and she is so beautifulI could not be there Cause they Live in New York and I just started back at work.. But next weekend im going had enough time to put in A couplevacation day request..I haven't been crafting to much lately but hopefully get back to it soon, this working stuff is rough Im so tired this week…but glad to be back..Here are a couple pictures of my new grandbaby8lb 13oz 22in