Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Hi Everyone and Happy Wednesday, boy its been a very long time since I posted. well going back to work has killed

my crafting time, I still wish I could just stay home, but work is going good and I am glad to be back

I love being a grandma but just hate being so far away it hurts not being able to hold her.

I’ve started a scrapbook of my grandbaby I'm having fun making it.. been so long since I've scrapbooked my very first pages

look just awful.. so I'm hoping I got better…lol

Well today work desk is a complete total MESS!!!  I’ve got to clean it up

well here's the picture


My friend Callie made my new header, I just love it, so I changed the background to match

not sure if I'm liking the new background..I like the all white but then the header doesn't look

so good..

oh well hope everyone has a good day

Hugs Norma

Saturday, April 17, 2010

A Special Thank you

I just wanted to make a post saying thank you to a dear friend, Callie she made me this beautiful Banner, I put a link on my side bar to her blog, if your looking for a new banner PM Callie
thank you for stopping by
Hugs Norma

Friday, April 2, 2010

I’m a Grandma!!!

wow that sounds old!!…LOL but im loving it

Thursday April 1st my First Born and Only Son had his First baby Girl and she is so beautiful

I could not be there Cause they Live in New York and I just started back at work.. But next weekend im going had enough time to put in A couple

vacation day request..

I haven't been crafting to much lately but hopefully get back to it soon, this working stuff is rough Im so tired this week…

but glad to be back..

Here are a couple pictures of my new grandbaby

8lb 13oz 22in