Sunday, January 4, 2015

First Week of Doodles

Hi Everyone!!
Well Today is a Sad day for me.. I have to go back to work Monday after 16 days

Im going to do my Doodle Post for the Week on Sundays I think,
This is the First time actually doing a year long challenge , and I really want to stick with 
it, some will be big some will be small..  I should of went and bought a book to keep them 
all in, I think I just might on my way home from work tomorrow..
I'm finding this to be very relaxing..

so here is my first week of Doodles
I love doing the flowers, I like the Zentangle part too
I'm learning so hopefully by the end of the year I will get
better at it..
Thank you for stopping 
Norma Jean

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