Happy Wednesday, just a few more days and I’ll be having a 3 day weekend, I love holiday’s when there is no work!!

Nothing new with me, I'm just in a crafty mood, but cant seem to get anything started, maybe because there is so much I

want to do and don't know where to start. I have a card started but if I get it finished in time will be another story

but since it is Wednesday, I just love the Julia's blog for WOYWW 

I actually got a lot of my ribbon on rolls hanging up so I cant actually see what I have, I'm hoping over this long weekend

I can clean my craft area, its truly a mess.. so here is my WOYWW for this week , can wait to visit yours..

thank you for stopping by and have a great weekend/holiday!!







nerllybird said…
Your ribbon looks fab. I love all the bits on your desk and one little stamped image in the middle, lol. Hope you get your tidying done, altho it doesn't look too bad to me!
Wipso said…
What a lovely lot of ribbons you've got :-)
A x
Ooooh gorgeous ribbons.

Have a great day...xx
Cindy Shea said…
Hi NormaJean! It looks like a whole lotta creating going on at that desk... :)
Sue said…
Hi Ya Hun
oh luv all your ribbons hanging there, lovely creative desk, enjoy your long weekend hun, have fun crafting, have great day, happy WOYWW, sue,x
Linda Elbourne said…
Norma Jean ... you have the BEST ribbon storage EVER!
I'm sorry to hear about your ribbon storage. It looks like a really good idea to me. I struggle with ribbon storage and was drawn to yours. Hope you get it straightened to meet your needs.

Happy holiday and Happy WOYWW.
Cath Wilson said…
Great to see work in progress and a great selection of ribbons there. Happy WOYWW! Cath x
Tracy said…
I love your ribbon storage!
Cath said…
Great ribbons.

JoZart said…
Lovely ribbons... they look so gorgeous I couldn't use them! Great snoop on your desk too,
JoZarty x
Cheryl said…
oh love all the ribbon,s you have on your desk,love cheryl xxxx
Carola Bartz said…
Those robbons look great. I like the way you put them up.
Anonymous said…
Love the colourful ribbons!
Anonymous said…
Ooh look at all that ribbon! I drove right down the US23 on Sunday, good thing I didn't know that was all there otherwise I'd have popped in and helped myself! Hope your mojo returns soon, be a shame to let that beautiful ribbon just sit there!!!

joey said…
Hiya Hunny

I love your ribbon storage, ideally thats how I would want mine to be! sadly I reckon my Niall would have it everywhere lol, gorgeous image you are colouring up, I hope you enjoy your lovely 3 day weekend

Sunshine Girl said…
Love the ribbons hanging down like that - very colourful!
Susan Allan said…
So tidy and so much ribbon. I must take a lesson from this; when I want ribbon I have to have the one that is obvious. I think I have got too many ribbons and lace and there is no storage solution big enough. I am so messy!!

Sue xx
Phree said…
Lovely ribbon storage. Your desk looks creatively cluttered.
Lou and Mel said…
I love the way your store your ribbon - its so pretty and colourful - it really caught my eye!
Spyder said…
Me too, really do like the idea of buying the ribbons on the roll and hanging just were you can cut them to size!
Have a great woyww
Julia Dunnit said…
Lovely ribbon display NJ - I have a problem with ribbon. I buy it and then decide it's too nice to use!! Defo something to work on. Glad to see you're crafting some more - getting back into a routine, huh!

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