NOTHING!!!!  LOL My desk is clean finally after a very long time not being able to find it, I need to find my MOJO and make some stuff

they put us back on 50 hrs a week and when I get home , I dont feel like doing much.. so hopefully tonight when I get home

I can check out your  desks, I just love seeing everyones work space.. here is mine for this week






Wipso said…
Oh poor you. Hope you have the energy to craft soon.
A x
Helen said…
Whoa! So tidy. Hope you have time to craft soon.
Sue said…
Hi ya hun
wow now thats tidy, cor 50 hours thats rather a lot, no wonder you don't feel like crafting you must be knackered,hope you find time to play soon,have great day, happy WOYWW, sue,x
Linda Elbourne said…
A 50 hour week!!! You poor thing Norma ... I hope you get some you time soon ... your desk does look fabulousy tidy though!
50 hours, good grief I'm not surprised you have no time to craft, hope that changes soon. Gorgeous tidy desk. Tacy Evans (18).
Twiglet said…
Spotless!! 50 hours - thats a lot!!
Katie said…
It looks so pretty! I hope you have more time soon :)

Katie (83)
That IS Tidy ! Loving the purple - hope you can create soon!
Thanks for Sharing!
rebecca # 61
That IS Tidy ! Loving the purple - hope you can create soon!
Thanks for Sharing!
rebecca # 61
You don't fancy coming over and making my workspace luck that tidy - no oh well. I hope you get some energy back soon, you have a lovely clean space to make a mess of ;)
joey said…
WOOOOOOOOOOOOO how clean and tidy are you! lol I hope you can get some time to craft soon, The stamps I brought are penny black slapsticks and some lotv :O) cute and cuddly lol. Joey.x
sasa said…
That is one tidy space - all ready for you to dive into again. It needs you - so hope you find some you time!
sarah (sasa 27)
butlersabroad said…
50 hrs is bad for the crafting, hopefully good for the pocket and also hopefully good for the US economy too, might mean things are picking up. Hope you get some you time soon though.

Lovely tidy desk, hope you feel better soon.
Great WOYWW space, thanks for sharing, hugs Heidi (#32) xxx
Lou and Mel said…
That is one tidy desk!
50 hours a week - I'm not surprised you dont have any time left after that. Hope it doesnt last for ever!
Ali H said…
Wow - how tidy are you ! My week is 50 hours plus too & its hard to make time to play but as they say - if you want a job done give it to a busy person ! I think you need to create a little tiny mess on the desk - just to get your creative juices flowing LOL !!! Ali x #40
Working all those hours will put a kink in your creativity. Sometimes it's one or the other, but when you get the time, you know your desk will be in perfect shape to start a new project. I sure like both those books on your desk. Hope I'm not too late to say happy WOYWW (#1).
Sheila said…
YAY for a clean desk. I hope your mojo returns very soon!
oneoff said…
Hope work leaves you some free time again soon. And when it does. that's a lovely clear space to get crafting.
Susan Allan said…
the thing about your desk is that it is a blank canvass onto which you can start your creations...looks very relaxing
Sue xx 15
Hope they ease up on the work front soon. Loving all those copics and great storage for them. Pam (12)
Julia Dunnit said…
Oh NJ a fifty hour week -no wonder you're tired. Odd - your desk is slowly being taken over by lovely baby stuff!!
Ohhh Snap said…
Wow, that is a very clean workspace! You could make very very BIG things lol. It's hard to craft after a long day. Fingers crossed you get to make something soon. TFS!

nerllybird said…
What a beautiful clear desk! Sorry to hear about your 50 hour week, that sounds like hard work. Hope you get some time to craft soon. Helen (16)
WOW WOYWW! That is soooo clean, I can not remember if my desk has ever been like that!

Hope it gets a craft mess soon!!

Happy Crafting
Sam xx

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