Something Different

Hi Everyone, August !st is my 5th Anniversary to my wonderful husband, we’ve had our rough times. but he truly is the best thing that

has happen to me, beside my beautiful children..we are going on a little bike trip tomorrow and I got a 4 day weekend so happy about that..

I went to my sister house today after work and visiting my mom, and my niece and her friends are making these button bracelets. and wanted her to show me how, and

this is what I made, I just love it.. so now does this mean I found more stuff to buy…probably..LOL but as they say, you can never have to much STUFF!!


Thank you for stopping by and have a great weekend




Cindy Shea said…
HAPPY ANNIVERSARY NORMA JEAN!!!!!! Congrats on your special day with your hubby and enjoy your long the button bracelet too!!

Cindy :)
Happy anniversary ... ours was Monday.

Happy blogoversary :)

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