I’m a Grandma!!!

wow that sounds old!!…LOL but im loving it

Thursday April 1st my First Born and Only Son had his First baby Girl and she is so beautiful

I could not be there Cause they Live in New York and I just started back at work.. But next weekend im going had enough time to put in A couple

vacation day request..

I haven't been crafting to much lately but hopefully get back to it soon, this working stuff is rough Im so tired this week…

but glad to be back..

Here are a couple pictures of my new grandbaby

8lb 13oz 22in




Tracey Feeger said…
Gorgeous baby girl Norma Jean. You must be proud as punch. Have a good time with your new Granddaughter.
oh she is beautiful! you will absolutely love being a grandma! CONGRATULATIONS! to you and the new parents!

and a very happy easter too!
Anonymous said…
Congrats to you & your family! Great day to be born on too ;o) (She gets to share her birthday with me lol)
Mary Lou said…
Congrats Grandma~~she is BEAUTIFUL!!!
Happy Easter Blessings
Congratulations Normajean, your granddaughters is adorable!
Clare x
Paula Gale said…
Congratulations on becoming a grandparent Norma Jean... hope it wasn't too painful LOL. Hope you get to meet her real soon and that you get the time off work to do so!!!

Paula x x x
Anita said…
Congrats! She is so cute!
Jessabells said…
Oh Norma I am so happy for you and your family. I just love babies. Hope everyone is doing great. Congrats to all. Happy Easter.

Shelly said…
How great for you...Grandbabies are just the best thing in the whole wide world...have a good time...Shelly
Angie said…
Oh Norma! She is just BEAUTIFUL!! Congratulations! I know you will have fun when you do get to see her, they say there is nothing like the feeling of being a grandma:) Hugs!
Gorgeous baby, congrats! And that desk of your is so enviable

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