what's on your Workdesk Wednesday

Hi Everyone, this week I have been having fun with the greeting farms relay it got my mojo back so this week the ladies

woyww should be proud of me I have MESSY desk.. part of me is trying to get stuff done, cause this Friday I'm getting the carpal tunnel surgery

on my right hand.. I’ve had almost a year off work cause of neck and carpal tunnel stuff so the time is coming after this surgery I’ll be going back, but I'm telling you I

don't miss working at all. But I have a wonderful bosses and a good job so that I'm thankful for..  well onto my messy desk


And look I even left a coke bottle there.. you should see my paper tray its even messier

but didn't want to show all the mess…lol


a messy desk is the sign of a super crafter!!!

prayers for your surgery.

hugs :)
Linda Elbourne said…
I think your desk looks fab this week ... hope the surgery goes well X
Wipso said…
Hope the surgery goes to plan. Lovely busy workspace as ever.
A x
It's not really messy, just a crafter's mess which is fine. Good luck with the surgery ;) My son had both his done last year.
Anne xx
Divinity said…
sadly....compared to my craft table...this "mess" is clean!!!! :p
Pam said…
Fab desk, hope surgery goes ok Hugs Pam
Susan said…
What mess?? Share the rest please!!!!
Hope all goes well with the surgery NormaJean
Julia Dunnit said…
It looks FAB! Amazing how a deadline or commitment can force your Mojo out of hiding! Love the bright zesty colours you've been using. Good luck for Friday, I'm sure it'll be a doddle.
Susie Sugar said…
Looks like a lovely desk to me full of creativity and a fantastic card love the colours
Hugs Susie xx
Rosie said…
THAT'S not messy! You haven't got the hang of this at all. Looks like a hive of happy activity to me ....
Ms. Jen said…
I'm glad I'm not the only one that works in such a small area of my desk! LOL
Paula Gale said…
good luck with your surgery firstly - hope you are back to posting and crafting in no time. I think your desk looks how a crafters desk should - worked on!!

Big hugs and good luck

Paula x x x
Anonymous said…
Hugs for the surgery NJ, hope you're back to crafting and normal activities soon. Love the busy desk and your wall colour is great!


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