Hi Everyone, well its Wednesday again boy time goes by fast….this will probably be my last post for a few weeks ,

Today at 10:10 am I'm getting carpal tunnel surgery on my left hand

then after that heels I'm getting done on my right hand..Its been a long road for this and so glad it finally getting taken care of..

hopefully i wont be out of commission for to long, but I will be checking your blogs I love seeing everyone's desk. I know this week I probably

wont be able to comment.. but to let ya know I love seeing your work spaces and I thank you for commenting on mine.. so here it is


And that  Black lump on my chair is one of our other cats we call her

fatbutt  cause she's fat…….LOL

this one is very loveable she likes to snuggle..  :  )

thank you for stopping by

hope everyone has a great Halloween and eat chocolate!!!

Hugs Norma


Wipso said…
Love your hugable cat :-) Really hope your surgery goes well and you make a good speedy recovery. A x
suemon said…
Good lcuk had mine done last year, once they are healed you will be fine. Take care an don't do too much.
Sue x
Susie Sugar said…
Hi Darling , Hope all went well with the surgery , thinking of you and hope you recover quickly so you will be able to craft again soon
But I guess until then your cat will guard your craft stash and look after your desk for you
Love Susie xx
Yvonne said…
Hope all goes well hun . thinking of you x

Great craetive flare going on there.. urm , i will take over from Susie when she is busy , he he
Ann said…
That desk's far too tidy but I can understand why if you're about to have surgery. Hope all goes well.
Kaz said…
I hope your hand(s) heel quickly and its not too painful. xx
Chrissie said…
That Kitty looks very settled. I can forgive you for having a tidy desk if you're about to have surgery. All the very best wishes for a speedy recovery!
Linda Elbourne said…
Wishing you the speediest of speedy recoveries hun X
Carmen said…
Hope the surgery went well and that your hand heals quickly. Looks like your desk is in safe paws there :)
Kathy said…
You desk always looks so inviting.

Hope the surgery goes well and you're not out of crafting action for too long - will be thinking of you xxx
Hope you are healing with out too much pain:) Love the purple room! Take care...I'll be thinking of you.
I do ope your surgery went well, I have had it done on both wrists and I haven't had any trouble at all, that was eleven years ago.

well wishes!

enjoy *~*
Julia Dunnit said…
I've had this surgery on both hands, 10 years apart. Changed my life and worth every moment of boredom and difficulty during the healing process. Really, just roll with it gal, it's a bit better every day and so obvious if it's worked!
ivy said…
hi norma! hope surgery went well!
Yvonne said…
Been thinking of you hun, Thanks for your lovwely comments on my blog. Dio hope the hand's are healing well and you will be soon back with us. x
Shary said…
I hope your surgery goes well.
Why do cats always do that? Mine is the same I go to sit down and nearly sit on her!!
Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog it's much appreciated.
Carolyn Bounds said…
Oh my...two surgeries! I am sending you loads of healing hugs and hope the surgeries are a success. I sympathize with all you have been going through. One of my dearest friends recently had this surgery on her left hand, and I remember how awful it was for her before the operation. Here's to no more pain and a quick recovery.

I love your desk!!! I wish mine were so very roomy:o) I also love the snuggly "chair cushion"!!! Looks like she's tuckered out from all that stamping;o)

Heather said…
Norma ~ I think of you SO often. you are in my prayers and do hope things are starting to look up for you. I wanted to thank you for being a part of my blog hop yesterday (and you won an image :) ) I love you! And BTW ~ your desk looks A LOT BETTER OFF THAN MINE! lol! Can't wait for yours to be all messy again ;)

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