wow its Wednesday already, boy time is flying by…I'm a little late for posting today

I made a card yesterday for a challenge took a picture and posted put the card aside so the stickles could

dry and guess what little miss kitty stepped on it and ruined it. but I just re did it so everything is good

here is my messy desk again, I'm cleaning it tonight ..


I added a board and I love it and I wanted to thank Paige for the tote idea

it works great and love that too.


So much for the 2nd table missy took that over if its not my chair its the table..lol

Be sure to check out the Stamping ground and post your work desk

its addicting and so much fun to see others work area’s




Susie Sugar said…
Lol I see Missy is keeping you work warm !! she just loves to craft with you !!
I see you too have your MM slice machine out today , have you used it much?
I have only got 2 design SD cards for it as I haven tused it much but I have had fun this afternoon cutting things out ...although I haven't made anything yet !! lol
See you next week
Love Susie xx
Julia Dunnit said…
You obviously work tidy NJ, your desk looks clean and free of clutter to me - LOVIN' the board, what a fab idea. And Paige's tote idea is too good not to go with, huh!
Now I just can't make out what is in those two boxes on the left edge...?
Susan said…
Love your "crafty" partner - shes adorable!!
I wish my cats would just sit/lie there - but no, they're into everthing - they have a particular love for ribbons and pens! As do I!
Have a great week!
Kathy said…
I can still see the surface of your desk - you're not trying hard enough!!! And that shelf still has space for loads more "stuff"
Isn't being nosey great?!
Kaz said…
I love Wednesdays now too!! Missy looks a bit too comfy on that desk, you obviously need to put more stuff on it. I like the idea of a glittery kitty!xx
Wipso said…
You call that messy? I dont think so :-) Have a feeling your little helper likes to share your space with you. A x
Yvonne said…
I just love your space, still thinks it needs a me touch , lol
LadyBug said…
Pleased the table tote idea worked for you. I love mine :) and your desk looks about as messy as mine :) nice to find another tidycrafter on WOYWW :)
Jóna said…
Your working space is great ! Your adorable room made thinks maybe it is a bit small for too of you, need its space too ?

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