Good Morning , its Wednesday again I so look forward to Wednesday just for WOYWW over at the

Stamping Ground

And this week I actually was working, the bigger table is really nice I love it but as you’ll see it also makes a

bigger mess, I bought one of them memory makers cresols(sp) but ended up taking it back it was too big and

I put my markers and scissors'  in it and then i couldn't find them the holes where to deep I noticed a lot of ladies

have them but it just didn't work for me, so now I have to find something else for that stuff

well here is my work desk for this week.


on and my silly cat, she always takes my seat…lol

thank you for stopping by and have a great week




Julia Dunnit said…
Blissfully big! Makes the spread out stuff look like you haven't got enough stash!! I had the same problem with the carousel...wanted one really badly and then whenI got it..no good! Looks like you're working on something cute!
Carmen said…
Could your cat BE any more comfortable LOL! She looks most miffed that you are disturbing her :P
Susan said…
Wow - how cool is your cat! If I let any of mine in they're into everything - nosey critters! Wish mine would curl up and go to sleep or just chill like yours!
Back to your desk........its huge, wish mine was!
LadyBug said…
How about a nice little table tote of your pens and tools? I use a gardening tote (green on my blog) it's great and i can keep all the tools i use all the time in it. Lovely cat!
Kathy said…
Your desk looks so clean and organised! You're right about my stuff being close at hand - I organise my crafty stash in the same way as my kitchen - the stuff I use most is easiest to grab. in the kitchen that means kettle, coffee, mug, spoons in the craft zone, paper, flowers, brads, ribbon...
Susie Sugar said…
glad you told us about the MM thing as I have had my eye on one for a while as they look good but as they say all that glistens ....etc they do look nice but I think Paiges idea about the tote is a good idea I have a few and they are pretty handy
Your new bigger table is looking good
See you next week
Love Susie xx

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