What on your work Desk Wednesday

Let me tell you a lot..With some of the before pictures I will make some of you ladies PROUD of me…..LOL

ok a little story I ordered a new paper cutter, when I got it , it was broke so I sent it back. got a new one. Ok went to make a card and I felt my

table was too small, this paper cutter is bigger and I wanted to just be able to keep it on my table. So when I asked hubby (he was in a good mood)..lol

I think I need another table told him I wanted a table to put my cuddle bug and slice on so I will use it more.

since he bought them for me and kept asking why do you need more stuff how many times you use the stuff I got you.

I said I use it..he didn't believe me so I thought it was a good thing to say,(so I’ll use them more) and to help the matter

a bit I said I have a 10 dollar gift card at Sam’s club . so off I went to Sam's I have a 4ft so hey I thought I’ll get the 6 ft thinking it would fit perfect where the 4ft one was cause there was some

space.. well get home.. guess what it didn't fit so I ended up changing the room around moved an old computer cabinet out and put in the front room(he doesn't know I did this he’s at work)

so threw whole process at one time the whole house was a big mess, but I did it.. still want some shelves to go up and put some stuff away and organize my paper and I think I will be good

for a little while…LOL  and to think all this for a paper cutter….LOL

So Here are the before pictures, oh the cats just loved the table..lol

001 002 003



And the After

006 007

And Thank you Julia your WOYWW helped me get this done faster cause I just love doing this

Be sure to stop by the Stamping Ground and show Julia your work desk

Hugs Normajean !!


Wipso said…
What a fab work space you have now. Hope you enjoy many happy hours 'playing' there. A x
Linda Elbourne said…
Enjoy hun ... after all that hard work you deserve it ... fab crafting space!
Kaz said…
Aaww that looks lovely, and sooo tidy! It was worth all those before pictures x
Wow you're very organised now! I've got the same cutter and yes, you do need a lot of space for it!
Clare x
Carmen said…
You've done such a good job, I decided to do something similar last week with our dining room to fit a craft corner in... I still look a state now! Well done you :)
Kaz said…
Hi NormaJean
that box with the scissors was an old ariel washing pawder box. You carefully undo it, then redo it inside out so you have the blank bits to play with. Simple but very effective. I painted and stamped mine and put cardboard dividers in it.

Julia Dunnit said…
Oh fab! It looks great and look at al the room!! Oh no, now you have to be double crafty and make loads with the slice!!
yvonne said…
Oh i am going to remember that one ... one way to get another table in ,lol
Looks fab and well wortht he mess inbetween .. altough, i think I need to helpyou make it a mess again , lol
Susie Sugar said…
Wow Norma-jean it looks like a different room it looks so nice and neat I bet you don't want to make anything now incase you make any mess !! lol
Hug Susie xx
LadyBug said…
Very smart!!! that's a good days work getting your room all sorted! great paper storage!!
Fink said…
I have to say this is something I would do too! Bigger is always better but sometimes it is also a whoops! But we make it work!
Rach said…
love your idea behind the new desk...xxx
you look all super organized now.. a lovely place to create. The shelves that i have i bought from ikea...xxx
Callie said…
Okay now come do mine! LOL!! LOVE it... I need to organize!

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