What on your work desk Wednesday

Hi Everyone, I actually Like Wednesdays now, I’ve been making some cards the past couple day, and I clean up my desk area last night it was very messy.as you can see I never painted

them words yet maybe today, so I took a picture of my messy floor. and my storage area.. The wood floor is yucky about 2 months ago after and animal accident I ripped up the carpet

was going to sand the floor and re stain it, well we haven't done it yet and after a couple weeks I put everything back in there because we couldn't walk in the front room!  so I'm hoping

that will be a later fall or winter project..And thank you for the nice comments last week on my craft area.. I truly love this. Its great seeing other’s work area’s

001 002 003

I have a collection of magazines going that is just some of them I need to find a place for them.

thank you for stopping by and lets see your work area . and be sure to stop by the The stamping ground

to Julia’s blog and post your area .

Thank you and have a great Wednesday

Hugs Normajean


Linda Elbourne said…
Thank you for visiting my blog Norma Jean - this is good fun isn't it :0)
Great work space you have ... let's see how long it stays that tidy :0)
Cindy Shea said…
I hear you about the carpet Normajean! My hubby and I ripped up all the carpet in the entire downstairs of our home and put in wood floors. With 3 cats and a dog, that was the best decision we ever made! I'm glad you have been able to get some cards made...they have really turned out nicely. :)
Julia Dunnit said…
Well I'm glad that you haven't painted the words yet..makes us more alike!! Your Pro Marker collection is impressive. And is that a box full of flowers on top of your drawers? Yikes, I have to remember touse flowers!
AND I LOVE your wooden floors. Unusual over here.
yvonne said…
Looking good ... now stop cleaning and craft , lol
still think your space is just perfect. I want one, lol
Wipso said…
Fab workspace. Thanks for dropping in on me. Never make excuses for having any sort of mess because I haven't met a perfectly tidy craft person yet. Part of crafting is having fun and making a mess :-) A x
SueH said…
That desk is just ‘too’ tidy Norma and I really think there should be some penalty to pay for that. Lol!
Mind you, you’ve redeemed yourself slightly with the shot of your floor.
I’m so glad I’m not the only one who ends up with just as much stuff on the floor as on my desk.

Susie Sugar said…
I love your lilac space Normajean and the floor in my space is twice as messy as yours that's why I never show it maybe I will next week when I am back home it might make me tidy it !! Lol
But we need to pile "stuff" up on the floor so its easily accessible ...well that's my excuse anyway !! He he
Thanks for sharing
Hugs Susie xx
Kathy said…
I thought "oh no, not another super-tidy desk", but was much happier when I saw the under-desk pictures!
Cassandra said…
Oh my goodness what an AMAZING craft area! Lucky you! At the moment I do not have a craft area, BUT I do see one in my near future. Thanks for sharing. Such a wonderful blog!


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