It was a crazy and happy day!!

Hi everyone, no card for me today again, I feel crafty but I'm a bit lazy, then with my neck and wrist problem makes it hard to do stuff

lately I'm going 85% of the day with my neck and wrist feel like they are on fire ,throbbing wrist and finger tips feel tingly, its getting me upset more now

I want them to fix this!! I got a Myelogram Tuesday that is suppose to show more go in next Thursday for the results .. well anyway.. I wanted to tell you a little

about my day, earlier this week I got an email and a letter in the mail about one of my favorite scrapbook store, she's closing her store. 

can you believe it she wants to I left the house around 920am store opens at 10 this is a special sale

well I'm thinking I know people will be there but it shouldn't be that bad its the first day. well I was

ladies where lined up around the building. my first thought was forget it, but I drove out of the way to go here, I'm stopping and waiting.

well only so many people can fit in the store so one left one went in actually the wait wasn't really all that bad..

I bought some stuff and want to go back for more, if anything is left.. the ladies that made it in first got the best deal they bought the displays racks, for pretty cheap

I wanted something for paper, but they where already sold..So after about 2hrs of waiting ,shopping and waiting in line I left for my real designation My Moms house.

Today is my Mom’s 85th Birthday.I made her a card using a hanglar image and bought her a gift, funny thing though she took my card and said she was hiding it from my 

see on mothers day I made her a card using a magnolia, she just loved it. well later that day I

guess my dad decided it was stupid cause it didn't have a mouth or nose, so he drew one on..LOL boy mom was mad…lol

well we had a very nice visit and I came home with a few things of hers , that I thought was special and has a lot of memories

Scrapbooking has been around when our mothers where young, my husbands mom had scrapbooks with journaling in them like today. its just amazing to see

things the same growing up just a bit different.   this is my moms scrapbook  I just wanted to show the book and a couple pic’s

002 003  004

thanks for visiting, hopefully this week I can make something

Hugs normajean


I love your blog too! I am crazy about your parents old scrapbooks. I have all of my mothers scrapbooks from childhood also. Sorry to hear about your Myelogram, I was suppose to have one once and chickened out, heard they are very painful. Lisa
Julia Dunnit said…
Oh that album is wonderful, the two pics are just great. Good luck with your myelogram - you gotta do it, you need to get this under control, huh. Hope your desk isn't too tidy on Wednesday!

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