My Baby

Hi everyone, boy I want to craft but the other day one or two of our pets decided to have accidents in the craft room, the carpet was yucky from over the past few years with pets and all, I have been wanting to rip it up, but keep putting it off well after this mess there was no way to clean it so the past couple days I have been ripping carpet up and ripping nails ( the dumb guy that put this carpet in was nail happy) so my hands hurt very bad, not a good thing to do when you have carpal tunnel but It had to be done.  so with half my craft stuff in the front room and the other half still its it room. so hopefully I can get it cleaned up well enough to make a card or two notice there are some awesome sketches this week..  well anyway I'm on the computer surfing and my cat came to visit I just had to take a picture it was funny, lately when I'm on she likes to lay up here, excuse the mess but here is my silly cat..


sorry for the rambling just thought it was funny the way she was laying and I miss posting on my blog

hope everyone has a good night




Heather said…
Sorry you have such a mess :( I know how annoying and frustrating home repair can be.

That cat is so sweet! I can not wait to share this with Han in the morning. I know she will say "AWWWWWWWWW!!" lol!!!

Hope you have a wonderful night my friend. Take it easy tomorrow! Take care of yourself!
Littlebear said…
Oh I want to give your cat a cuddle - she's beautiful. Hopefully you will be pleased about the mess once the new carpet is in! My dog destroyed so much in my house when I first got her - she nearly went back to the dog's home!! I'm glad she didn't though as she's so good now.
If you pop over to my blog you will find a little something there for you.
Clare x
ivy said…
you should be the last person pulling up carpet!! take it easy norma! (cute cat!)

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