Hi Everyone

Hi everyone, boy feels like I haven't made a card forever, I’ve been working on a couple swaps a secret sister swap over at cafe mom and a ATC swap at paper craft planet. that has been taking my time. Plus also went to doctors today, and he gave me a cortisone shot in what they say is a trigger point, boy did that hurt after. felt it all the way down my arm too.. and got 4 more weeks of therapy and they are ordering me home neck traction thing. what stinks about all this other than the pain, I have been off work 2 months now, and really cant do much, my house is trashed and I want to have a garage sale and make a lot of cards and when I start something I have to stop because it just hurts to much… but hey I can still shop for the stuff….LOL

Just wanted to post a update and hopefully I will make a card soon

thanks for listen and have a great day




Toothy said…
Oh Gosh I hope you feel better soon. Do you have to have back surgery?
Littlebear said…
Oh Normajean, I hope all this stuff works for you and makes you better really soon.
Hugs, Clare x
Cindy Shea said…
Big hugs and well wishes for you Normajean! I'm hoping you will get to feeling better very soon. In the meantime, enjoy your shopping! :)
LINDA said…
Hi Norma, Boy sounde like you have been through a lot..I sure hope you get feeling better soon..Take care.
Hugs, Linda

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