MOJO monday's sketch challenge #72

Ok today I was bad, I called in sick at work but used a vacation
day, but this is my 3rd one since jan 5th, im having trouble lately falling asleep I know I have that rest leg syndrome but havent gone to the doctors so my legs bother me big time and cant fall asleep so come morning im so tired. today I really feel guilty because I know my boss will be upset with me and he will think its because I partied to hard for the super bowl, funny thing is I didnt even watch it I was in bed at 830 but last time I saw the clock was like 130 so for all that time i didnt sleep so having to wake up at 430 to go to work didn't work to well this morning. sorry for the but here is my try for the mojo challange.


Heather said…
Norma! How sweet is this card!!!
And now to fuss ... you need to go to the Dr!!! My grandmother has RLS and she takes medicine for it that does help. I hope you get some rest today and feel better fast!
Hayley said…
Gorgeous card - love the colouring.
This is beautiful! I just love all the bling. Thanks for playing! :) I know how you feel - I have a terrible time sleeping and can't imagine having to drag myself out of bed to go to a traditional job when sometimes it's 5 or 6AM before I finally am able to fall asleep.
Stampin'GHmom said…
This is so very pretty! I love the blue rhinestone embellishments on the side.
Corie said…
This is absolutely GORGEOUS!!
ivwhy said…
beautiful! love the navy blue bling!

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