My New stamps!!!

The past two days have been a very good mail day, Today my husband text's me while im at work, says you got 2 packages today and ones from great britian, well I got so excited inside I could of peed my pants, I knew it was the elzybells omg how I just love these stamps, first I got the little ones they sell her in the US,but was told UK sells them but there bigger, I thought I didnt want bigger ones cause the littles eI had we're so cute, thats until a friend sent me some images of the ones from the UK, well I was hooked, they are wonderful stamps fun to color and make cards with now the fun part mounting them with the ez mount foam that stuff is so sticky..


Jessabells said…
Oh Norma, your so lucky. So here is my question, was it really expensive? I am unsure about the rates in other countries.
Marie said…
Oh my! What a loot! Congrats Norma! You'll have to send me some images. Lol! Thanks for stopping by and leaving comments. I miss you too! I'm back to school. Today was my first day. I got 5 classes this time.

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